About Hatch PR

Hatch PR Founder
Ann Higby

Hatch PR is a beauty public relations firm located in Chicago. President and Founder Ann Higby grew up in the industry and loves talking about it to this day. She started the company in January 2006, and continues the legacy her father hatched in Where The Girls Are (WTGA) Salon near Milwaukee almost four decades ago by working with entrepreneurs to bring forth their vision for beauty.


Ann Higby’s career highlights include the following:

Hatch Beginning

Birds of a feather I learned the beauty business from my father, but it was my hairdresser who taught me about beauty, how a hairstyle could change your life! –Hatch PR Founder Ann Higby

The story of Hatch beauty dates back to 1971 when Ann Higby was recruited to help grow the family business. Ann’s Dad loves to tell her that the salon made a profit on opening day with the seven original WTGA beauticians.  Her first appointment as a client of this grownup, family-owned salon was in 1973 when she was 10 years old. It was then, that this "hatcher" began to discover the thrill of sitting in the hairdresser’s chair and talking through the mirror about what was going on in her life. Well, all that was translated into the hairstyle of the times, and her first and favorite beautician was Sandra. Sandra made it easy to talk about likes and dislikes and because of her positive attitude – "let’s just try it! She would say" – Ann experienced a ton of cool styles (like the Dorothy Hamill wedge) and a few too-curly-for-me permanent waves. Ann was inspired by the industry at an early age, and knew she would find a connection one day. WTGA stayed opened until 1998; a 27-year history of hair care.

For the launch of HatchTalk, Ann Higby reconnected with Sandra Scheibe, one of the original 7 Girls from Where The Girls Are, because she just had to know, "Where is this girl and what is she doing!

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