"Ann Higby and Hatch PR are one of the best decisions we have made as a business.  She is constantly working for us, keeping our vision, business goals, and public relations objectives in mind as she works her considerable contacts in the media and the beauty industries. People are consistently amazed at the breadth and quality of press coverage we receive as a young company. We are extremely proud to be represented by a person with great integrity, genuine passion, and our best interests in her mind and heart."

—Co-Founders Sherri Stewart and Tiffany Cannon of Silken Tent Spa & Boutique
Hatch PR Campaign idea: Retreat Yourself to Silken Tent Spa For A Little of Everything You’re Craving...

"We’ve gotten quite a bit of media attention, with several write-ups in regional magazines and mentions on internet sites. But what’s been the most valuable are all the connections Ann Higby brings to the table that lead to great marketing opportunities."

—Michael Anthony, Founder, Michael Anthony SalonSpas
Hatch PR Campaign idea: The Newest Michael Anthony SalonSpa Opens in Historic Tree Studios After The Ultimate Beauty Makeover

"The best PR in the industry.  Ann Higby writes all of my press releases, seasonal promotions, event copy and website content. I trust Ann completely. She has the best advice, is so well connected and gets in touch with everyone. And she looks fabulous in the Brian Reyes collections!"

—Simone Gensburg, Owner, Simone’s Boutique
Hatch PR Campaign idea:Introducing Simone’s Boutique...A Dressing Room In the Heart of Hubbard Woods Winnetka

"Ann is energizing, enthusiastic and smart!  She successfully launched my gallery into the Chicago spotlight when it opened in 2006.  She continues to be invaluable, keeping our visibility high and connecting us to all the right people and events!  Success comes when opportunity meets preparation- Ann puts it all together!"

—Ellie S. Thompson, G.G., Ellie Thompson + Co.
Hatch PR Campaign idea:Jewelry Designer Ellie Thompson Opens A "gem of a gallery" Across From Millennium Park

"Ann Higby/Hatch PR was instrumental in announcing the successful launch of Hand Picked Pumpkin's web boutique.  In addition to creating an impressive opening on-line press kit, within weeks of our launch Hatch PR drove thousands of visitors to our site via strategic pr placements. Ann was also very quick to respond to our public relations needs after a spotting of our line on The Oprah Winfrey Show."

—Allison Case, Founder & Designer of Hand Picked Pumpkin, Inc.
Hatch PR Campaign idea:Hand Picked Pumpkin Announces Arrival Of Custom Baby Clothing Boutique

"Thanks to the expertise and dedication of Ann Higby and Hatch PR, my young business has grown beyond my dreams. Within extremely short time frames, Ann connected me with some of the most influential people in Chicago's fashion industry... before I even had a chance to crash diet, I was being interviewed on a popular Chicago TV show! Not only has Hatch PR quickly connected Mohop with a variety widely circulated media, Ann has forged connections that I continue to reap the benefit of years later."

—Annie Mohaupt, Founder, mohop, inc.

"Thanks for all your work. When we’re reshaping and throwing out all these new ideas, it's wonderful to be able to call upon people you can count on!"

—Stacey Soble, Editor in Chief, Salon Today Magazine